Master Class Custom Guns

LBP and LBR Minisight Mount


Finally available!

Master Class have now made it possible to low-mount a mini red dot sight on a Grand Power XTrim LBP and Taurus LBR.

We had been asked by XTrim LBP and Taurus LBR owners if it was possible to fit a red dot sight to their pistol, but not like the available set-ups which are heavy, bulky and put the optic high above the bore line.
We have acheived it with this novel little adaptor plate, which simply replaces the factory  adjustable sight, and the minisight is then screwed to the plate*.

This mount is compatible with Shield SMS minisight, Tasco Optima 2000, JPoint, Firepoint, Trijicon Red dot, Vector 'Sphinx' and Vortex Razor**. Now also for Holosun & Trijicon RMR.

Made from strong yet light aircraft grade aluminium, and with a hard black anodised finish, the plate will come supplied with screws for securing the minisight securing the plate to the slide.

Comes with full installation instructions.

* Please make sure you order the correct mount for your K22.
Gen 1 guns have a square end to the front end of the rear sight when looked down on, whereas on the Gen 2 guns this part is rounded.

**Note - if fitting a Vortex 'Razor' mini red dot, the screws which attach the sight to the mount, which are supplied with the Master Class mount, will be too short. Simply shorten the mounting screws which come supplied with the Vortex sight by about 1mm, to allow fitting of the sight.

NB: Although these mounts have been successfully used on full bore handguns such as the Excalibur, they were designed for the .22 version, so no warranty can be given if used on full bore guns.